Vijaya Clinic
Vijaya Clinic Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home

Vijaya Clinic Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home is one of the oldest and most reputed nursing homes in the city of Mangalore. The Nursing Home has been seeing scores of happy and satisfied patients for last 40 years. Vijaya Clinic Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home has had the privilege of delivering more than thousands of babies. Enumerable gynecological procedures have been undertaken successfully at our Nursing Home.

We at Vijaya Clinic Maternity & Surgical Nursing Home offer services like epidural analgesia for labour and deliver (painless delivery), continous fetal monitoring by cardiotocography (monitoring the heartbeat of the child by special Doppler probes during labour to ensure your baby’s safety) .

All gynecological and gynec oncological surgeries are performed here. We are equipped with the equipment both for hysteroscopic and laparoscopic  procedures, and the latest in gynecological equipment like the balloon ablation ( procedure to treat heavy bleeding with out surgery) and office hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy ( no anesthesia required).

We have all day long out patient department in this field with senior consultants available for consultation.
Maternity and gynecological consultations are held in both the hospital and Nursing Home. Our aim is to provide treatment as its best with care and concern to the satisfaction of our patients. We would be privileged to be able to serve the KSRTC GROUP and cater to all leading insurance companies.

The surgical wing of the hospital caters to all major surgical cases of all specialities, mainly, general and laparoscopic surgeries, neurosurgery, orthopedic, urology, oncology, ENT, ophthalmologic, plastic surgery etc.

The neurosurgery department offers all the speciality  surgeries that include Stem cell treatment for spinal cord injuries, microdiscectomy for lumbar and cervical spine, microsurgery for pituitary tumour, base of skull surgeries, acoustic tumours, microvascular decompression for trigeminal neuralgia, glycerol rhizolysis – gaserian ganglion, etc.

The hospital has a well maintained physiotherapy department that does good work in rehabitation , post operative recovery and antenatal exercise classes for pregnant women . The department also has EMG facilities and is the only hospital in mangalore with facilities for HYDROTHERAPY. The department also has a multi gym facility available for use.